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Elvis: The Memphis Flash обзор / описание:
The facts are familiar. Memphis, Tennessee, July 18th 1953. A 19 year old kid wanders into The Memphis Recording Service at 706 Union Avenue. He wants to record a couple of recent hits as a present for his mother. Company secretary Marion Keisker - alone in the office that day - runs off an extra copy and tells her boss the kid's 'a good ballad singer'. Six months later the kid stops by again, Marion tells Sam Phillips - the boss - to listen. June 1954. Sam's looking for a session singer. Marion mentions the kid. Sam's keen but doesn't have his number. Marion does. The kid's in the studio before the 'phone's back in the cradle. The kid works with Sam for a day and he's recommended to Sun session guitarist Scotty Moore. Scotty's unimpressed but books the kid for a session at Sun on 5th July. Rock 'n' Roll is invented that day and the world changes forever! But there's a lot more to the legend of Elvis Aaron Presley and the transformation of music and society than is suggested in the story above. This film looks behind the facts and between the lines and attempts to discover Why9 and How? Why was Rock V Roll invented in Memphis by a quiet, respectable and religious young man with a passion for all types of music? How did the events that led up to that fateful session on 5th July 1954 conspire to create a brand new music and a brand new way of life for all those who came along in its wake? With contributions from many who were there at the time and from others who have studied the subject in depth, and with rare footage and photographs, and music from those pivotal sessions and from subsequent recording dates, and with a host of other features, this film goes some way to discovering the Why and the How. It is the most detailed, informative and downright entertaining film yet to emerge about this period and about these historical events. Songs Featured Include That's All Right Mama Blue Moon Of Kentucky I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine Good Rockin' Tonight Milkcow Blues Boogie You're A Heartbreaker Blue Moon Shake Rattle and Roll I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone My Happiness (Elvis' first ever recording) ...and many othersFeatures Include Contributions from; lifelong friends of El\ is. George Klein, Evan 'Buzzy' Forbess and James Osborne: classmates from Hume High School; 1950s Memphis DJ and friend of Elvis' Wink Martindale: Elvis biographers Alanna Nash and Bill Burk; music historian and journalist Patrick Humphries and many others. Rare Elvis footage and previously unpublished photographs from private collections. Music from the Sun Sessions plus Elvis' first ever recording. Extra features include kThe hardest Elvis trivia quiz in the world ever' and digital interactive Elvis discography.... Показать полное описание >>>

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